List significant events of the following characters: Mi-ran Mi ran Was a free spirit and didn’t serve as a slave to the system, she lived out of the expectations and stereotypes that were placed on all young North Korean women and she did what it was that brought it joy and not what the system […]

I am, The one thing in this world that I know for sure. This indeed is earth but my existence on this planet is very different to yours. My version is not as you know it, in my world I observe lives where everyone spends their time going around exaggerating their purposes being happy, sad, […]

Essay   It is true that for any book it is a fact that The characters we respond to the most sympathetically are those who experience both suffering and triumph. This is especially so in the creative nonfiction text “Nothing to Envy” written by Barbara Demick, Three prime examples from this novel of characters who […]

Hey there, im olly as all of you should know… And i am here today with a question for each of you to think over Here it is, Is it true? You know, what they say.  They say that it is your experiences that make you who you are, is this true for you? Because […]

Tuesday 22 August 17   1) Scene 1: Assassination of General Aung San Rangoon 1947   What is taking place in the opening of this scene? driving into the gates of an official building with a decorated gate Two escorting guards entrust the job of watching the door to a military general close up on […]

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