31st October 2017

Nothing To Envy study notes

List significant events of the following characters:

  • Mi-ran

Mi ran Was a free spirit and didn’t serve as a slave to the system, she lived out of the expectations and stereotypes that were placed on all young North Korean women and she did what it was that brought it joy and not what the system wanted. Mi-ran was brought up talented but limited, beautiful but ignored, and excelling but held back. she had an extremely bright seeming future lined up and was rapidly propelling toward the light but at every turn was pulled back again by the invisible status known to North Koreans as “Song bun”. Her farther was caught and held in north Korea as a prisoner of war along side thousands of other south Korean and Japanese men that were still over the 38th parallel at the time the Americans drew the border in 1945. This put the entire family and their children for the next 8 generations in a place of lower class and the government referred to them as  Tainted blood to remember what they were. Mi-ran is forced to suppress her emotions and keep her  relationship hidden from society to prevent her and her partner from gaining an even lower status then she already had. mi ran when the Arduous march came around was able to get a job as a teacher due to the fact that all the true believing communist teachers were dying in the famine. usually Mi-ran would be denied entry to teachers school but in the times of crisis the North Korean regime allowed for the Tainted blood children and people of lower social class to study and become educated so that the youth were still being indoctrinated and brought up to love/ believe in the father Kim ill sung even in a time of such devastation and pain. Mi-ran grew close to her class and she noticed that they started to return to school less and less and as much as she wished to help them in the hard times she had to think of herself and her family rather then all the children th

  • Jun- sang
  • Mrs Song
  • Oak- hee
  • Dr Kim
  • Kim Hyuck


Why are these characters experiences significant?

  • What do they teach us about
  • Characters within the text
  • The setting (North Korea in a dictatorship)
  • The events that are taking place
  • The consequences of peoples actions actions/ decisions
  • the world and the way it functions (compare to your own world and how it works)
  • People/ human nature
  • our feelings/ reactions/ responsibilities/ challenges/ actions/ responses/ experiences.

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